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Meet the Presidents Supervalu CEO meets with President Obama and former President Clinton.
Sustainable Seafood Mike led Supervalu to create an environmental steering committee that resulted in more sustainable seafood.
Environmental stewardship
Public policy, corporate policy, public awareness, corporate positioning, external and internal messaging, product launch, networking, 

About Project

As a member of SUPERVALU’s leadership team, Mike was responsible for helping create the company’s enterprise environmental steering committee. This team put in place initiatives to protect and preserve the environment while driving bottom line results.  He led the creation of a sustainable seafood program partnering with the World Wildlife Fund.  This required him to educate management and the product sourcing team, both initially cool to the idea, on how the commitment would benefit the company.  Once in place, we educated consumers at the point of sale, in the media and via advertising.

Mike also facilitated the company’s participation in the Obama Administration’s Better Buildings Challenge and the CEO’s participation at an event to highlight the company’s commitment with President Obama and former President Clinton at the White House.  He led the company’s sponsorship of international explorer Will Steger’s trip to the Arctic to highlight climate change.  This engagement was used to educate customers, employees, suppliers and investors on a major public policy topic and to launch a new line of natural and organic products, Wild Harvest.  The company informed consumers about the new products and the public policy issue through advertising, in-store displays, social media and on multiple websites.

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