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Supervalu PAC

While at SUPERVALU, Mike founded and grew the company ValuPAC into one of the largest political action committees in the retail sector.
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  • Mike drove key corporate social responsibility efforts at SUPERVALU that were good for our business's bottom line and appreciated by key stakeholder groups. Two such efforts resulted in our company being honored at the White House.

    Craig HerkertFormer President & CEO of Supervalu
  • Without Mike's personal engagement and leadership on behalf of a constituent company to then Congressman Sabo, Phygen would not be a as successful as we are today.

    Dave BellCEO Phygen
  • Talented, determined and hard working are a few words that come to mind when I think about Mike. He is willing to take on any task, big or small, without a chip on his shoulder and manages people and projects with a smile on his face and with great success.

    Martin Olav SaboFormer MN Congressman 1979-2006
  • You only have to spend one day working a policy issue with Mike to see his keen grasp of the legislative process and how to properly influence elected officials. Working with Mike I was able to testify before Congress and impact federal food safety legislation that became law. You also can't walk far in DC without running into someone who knows him.

    John HanlinVice President EcoLab
  • Mike knows politics and public policy, and how to get results in both areas. He was instrumental to many key legislative accomplishments and had a unique ability to successfully communicate.

    Martin SaboFormer MN Congressman 1979-2006
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