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Legislative Strategy
Financial Incentives
Political Engagement

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Corporate / Crisis / Media / PR

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Coalitions / Environment
Grasstops/ Issues



Public Affairs

Relationships with your stakeholders are critical to success.  Let us help you execute a public affairs strategy to deliver results for your organization. Every entity has many stakeholders and these individuals or groups have an interest in you.  They range from elected officials and civil servants, to shareholders, customers, and clients, to trade associations, think tanks, business groups, unions and of course the media. We will engage with and for you to build the right relationships with your stakeholders so you are understood.  When you can explain your policies, provide statistical and factual information, and lobby on issues that could impact your organization you will be more successful. We will help you do this in the combined worlds of government affairs, media relations, issue management, corporate and social responsibility and strategic communications or crisis management. We will help you influence public policy, build and maintain a strong reputation and find common ground with your stakeholders.

Government Relations & Incentives

With over 60 years of government relations, we know how to your issue will be viewed, how to communicate so those in positions to determine outcomes will understand your position and the ability to influence those who will impact your public policy outcomes.

Coalition Building

The ability to drive pubic policy results often hinges on the ability to engage others with similar interests and showing them they too will see a benefit if a certain result is attained.  We specialize in bringing groups and individuals together around common goals

Grasstops Influencing

Sometimes the straightest path to your goal is not a large grassroots campaign, but influencing a few key opinion leaders.  Let us tap into our network of federal, state, and local contacts to open doors that might normally be shut.

Crisis Communications

Managing your communications so you never face a public relations nightmare is critical, but even the best plans often don’t account for what you can suddenly face.  When you find yourself in a crisis, how will you get out?  We have been in the fire, behind the scenes, as the spokesperson and as a mediator.  Whether you face an internal, external or both, we can help you address your stakeholders in a way they will understand.

Corporate Communications

Nothing impacts business or public policy like the engagement of your stakeholders.  Tailor a message that resonates with your audience and choose a medium that is acceptable.  While this all seems simple, our team has elevated such communications to a level that motivates people to support an outcome.

Issue Advocacy

Taxes, transportation, health care, zoning…there are a plethera of issue that could impact your business, neighborhood, or organization.  Where do you start? Dawn and Mike have been there before.  From strategic planning, coalition building, legislation drafting, to public relations, let Aurora Strategic Advisors run your campaign so you get the public outcomes you desire.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Everyone is trying to engage in environmental stewardship, yet today many do so not because it can drive results, but because the perceive you “have to.”  We have driven results in this area that have had a positive impact on the bottom line while earning the publics trust and appreciation.  Understanding how to engage in this space, what your strengths and opportunities are while remaining true to public expectations – do you pass the smell test – are important.  Our knowledge in this area has driven award winning results.

PAC Formation & Fundraising

Aurora will develop a clear PAC fundraising and communications program to not just grow your PAC receipts, but integrate it into your public affairs/government relations program.  A successful PAC needs its own strategic plan with a focus on results.  With the growing amount of resources needed to run for public office, a political giving program is key to driving government relations results.   Let us help you develop a strategic plan, motivated PAC board, and properly and positively brand you PAC.

Event Management

The Aurora team has produced a number of large and small events through the years, usually involving elected officials, the news media, policy, food and other logistics. Making sure elected officials, their staff, the media and all who attended had a positive experience required great attention to detail – everything from ensuring public safety to properly featuring the right stakeholders.


Personal, hands-on, senior-level service

When you hire Aurora, you get Mike and Dawn’s 50 cumulative years of public affairs expertise.  There are no junior associates here.

Deep Connected Network

With Mike’s experience as a Congressional Chief of Staff, State Party Chair, and VP Government Affairs for Supervalu, plus Dawn’s work at Himle Horner, MNSCU, and North Woods Advertising, you tap into their deep and extensive network of political, corporate, and community contacts.

Integrated Solutions

While many in our field claim expertise in one or more of the components of public affairs we have listed, our separation is our ability to understand and deliver in all of these areas.  Let us help you develop a strategic plan that leverages these components together.

Steps we always take in all projects

  • Goal Setting

    We are outcome-based. What goal do you want to achieve? What is the final deliverable?

  • Audience-Defined

    Who is your audience? As detailed as we can, we will narrowly define your audience and get to know their specific tendencies.

  • Message

    What specific and tested messages will resonate with our targeted audience?

  • Execute

    When its time to pull the trigger, we will have done our homework.

  • Measure & Refine

    We measure our results, refine our execution, and fire again until we achieve our goal.




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